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My Brand New Life

This new and "oh so cool" series is specially created for the younger citizen of the world. In each of these rich programs, youngsters are offered an opportunity to experience an up-close and personal look at peers from a cross-section of countries, cultures and lifestyles. The visually exciting format of the series features contemporary kids from around the world who swap places and lives in their desire to experience A BRAND NEW LIFE. Along the way, many of the preconceived ideas and common stereotypes about people, places, and things will also have a chance to be reflected upon. An absolutely excellent resource for the personal exploration of the arts, culture, diversity, tolerance, language arts, geography and world history.

Category: Young Adults


Apr 25 04:00 PM A Border Story
Apr 26 04:00 PM A Border Story
Apr 27 04:00 PM A Border Story
Apr 28 04:00 PM A Border Story
Apr 29 04:00 PM A Border Story
Apr 30 04:00 PM A Feast for One's Eyes
May 01 04:00 PM A Feast for One's Eyes
May 02 04:00 PM A Feast for One's Eyes
May 03 04:00 PM A Feast for One's Eyes
May 04 04:00 PM A Feast for One's Eyes
May 05 04:00 PM A Feast for One's Eyes
May 06 04:00 PM A Feast for One's Eyes
May 07 04:00 PM Ballet Dancer/Hockey Player
May 08 04:00 PM Ballet Dancer/Hockey Player
May 09 04:00 PM Ballet Dancer/Hockey Player
May 10 04:00 PM Ballet Dancer/Hockey Player
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School's Out

Oh boy, don't these kids got it all figured out. They'll gladly swap duties for a BRAND NEW LIFE, as teacher, principal and school janitor. As a matter of fact, they can'...

Wheelchair Challenge

Able-bodied Raheem is starting his BRAND NEW LIFE by spending three days in a wheelchair. As an agile basketball player he knows this is going to be a very big challenge....

Scary Tales: Halloween/Day of the Dead

Alexis will begin his BRAND NEW LIFE in Mexico for the pre-Spanish festival, Day of the Dead, while Alejandro will travel to Canada, just in time to make preparations...

Only Child..Big Family

What a BRAND NEW LIFE this is going to be! Elana, an only child, is taking Anna's place in a family of seven, while Anna gets to enjoy a life without all those...

Music For Whose Ears

Melanie, an Acadian fiddle player and Ray, a young boy of Indian descent, are changing places and families as they embark on their BRAND NEW LIFE. Each begins their new...

Ming's First Day of School

Young Ming (who runs her own newspaper) will be going to school for her very first time when she begins a BRAND NEW LIFE as a new student in Catherine's fifth grade...

Inuit Games

All around athlete Eric is headed off on the adventure of a lifetime where he'll take part in the annual Inuit Games. With a room full of medals already received in...

He Said..She Said

Michael and Megan, both from Montreal, Canada will be making the change of a lifetime. As they begin their BRAND NEW LIFE, for Michael, a day as Megan and for Megan, a...

A Feast for One's Eyes

When Abdul and Peter agreed to a BRAND NEW LIFE, they couldn't have been more different. Different religion, history, culture, clothes, even food. And yet both boys...

Cowgirl Meets the Horsey Set

Olivia and Kendra haven't met yet, but like most of us they already have something in common. Their love of horses and riding! Also like many of us, each girl has a few...

Circus School…Military School

Meet Andrew and Sara, two young people going to very different schools and ready for something completely different as they set off on a BRAND NEW LIFE. Andrew will be...

A Border Story

Separated by a geographic border, Antoine and Olivia live in two different countries; Canada and the United States. In their desire to experience a BRAND NEW LIFE, they...

Ballet Dancer/Hockey Player

It takes hard work to become a professional at your sport, but the trophy and medals seem to indicate that both Pascal and Nikita are well on their way. As they begin...



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